Never thought of an exciting trip Onboard

Never thought of an exciting trip Onboard Massage is a journey into the world of senses.

A journey of hands all over the body. A journey of unprecedented body and sensations awakening. This journey can and should be applied wherever and whenever possible. It is a form of “exercise”, in which both the therapist and the recipient of the massage actively participate. Massage Joy, respecting the desire of every client who wants to experience the benefits of a massage, designed the services in a way that makes it possible to achieve and produce the desired results. The onboard massage has been designed to accompany a cruise experience. The specialized therapists, chosen by the client for the type of massage they want, visit the area with all the necessary equipment and if necessary, schedule their time so that they can be always available for the people travelling. Massage on board is a real luxury offered by Massage Joy for ultimate pleasure.

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