Experience a relaxing and rejuvanational sensation
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Deriana studied aesthetics. During her studies she specialised in all types of massage and in skin care while she attended lots of seminars.


Mariangela graduated from the department of aesthetics of Maracaibo in 2017. Since then she keeps educating herself by attending seminars on physical therapy.

From physical therapy to aesthetics. Gonzales has a specialty in Siatsu and reflexology and is always eager to offer her clients rejuvenation and relaxation.

Aggeliki has acquired education on massage types through seminars. Always excited about massage techniques she is inspired by challenges and tends to complete successfully every task she is given.

Do you need a face or head massage? This type of massage has anti-aging effects and at the same time is the no 1 anti-stress technique.

Christina is a graduate of alternative natural health sciences and during her courses she has attended a lot of courses in psychology and medicine. She specialized to Ayuverdan massage.


Professional massage services.

Massage Joy pursues the exact goal its’ title indicates. Joy and pleasure thorugh a massage session in a place of your convinience whether you are alone or with your company.

A Delight that provides you with a safe and efficient holistic care. We have designed a variety of therapeutical massages in order to cover all needs  regardless of sex, age and physical condition.

All therapists of Massage Joy have been selected after strict criteria regarding their massage certificates and their vast experienxe. Their personality is warm and welcoming filled with true interest concerning the relief and care of the customer.

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